• “I wanted to show you A’s final award from PRINCETON UNIVERSITY [$23,110] and thank you for all your help and great advice…” ~ Trish B.

  • “My daughter is going to a $40,000 a year school for less than $18,000 and it’s only costing me $300 a month!” ~ Mark J


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And the Award Goes to… Our Amazing Clients!

Further proof that when you take our advice and follow our system, you get fantastic results... The College Money Guys is pleased to announce that our final scholarship numbers for our class of 2015 students have just been finalized.  We were able to help last year's Seniors achieve over … [Read More...]

Avoid the Use of Trusts for College Funding

I recently had a client approach me with the idea of setting up a trust for their student, hoping that it would disqualify the money from the financial aid formulas.  Thank goodness they asked before moving forward.  The cold reality is, a trust is one of the worst ways to go if you are hoping for … [Read More...]

How To Prepare For Your College Freshman Coming Home For The Holidays

Beware of Hidden Landmines Your college freshman is coming home for the holidays, now what? Having the time to reconnect and visit is very enticing. But this time is filled with lots of hidden landmines. Your child has been on their own with no curfews, no one to report to, enjoying total freedom. … [Read More...]

Should Your Student Take 4 Years of Foreign Language?

A few days ago, I was talking with one of our clients about their daughter's Spanish classes.  She is struggling (a little... she currently has a "B") with the class and they wanted to know if she should drop the class and take a different elective, perhaps one in which she could easily get an "A". … [Read More...]

4 Tips For Getting More College Money! | Fort Bend Christian Academy

Are you the parent of a high school student wondering "How am I going to pay for college?" You are not alone!   Brannon Lloyd of The College Money Guys in Houston, Texas, recently shared valuable funding tips and myths with high school parents at Fort Bend Christian Academy's College Financial … [Read More...]

Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Brannon Lloyd, The College Money Guy

Following one of our college planning workshops in Clear Lake.  Mayor Annise Parker stopped by to talk with Brannon Lloyd, CEO of The College Money Guys, and spent some time discussing the high cost of sending a student to college. If you'd like to come to one of our free workshops and let us show … [Read More...]

NCAA Eligibility Changes for Class of 2016

Here is a heads up from the NCAA Student Athlete Eligibility Center · Do you have a student who is considering competing at the collegiate level? * Did you know that the NCAA’s initial-eligibility academic standards are changing for student-athletes enrolling at an NCAA Division I university … [Read More...]

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