“I want to thank you for your efforts in helping me secure a great financial aid package for my daughter, who will be attending college in the fall at Texas Tech University. You recommended I re-submit my FAFSA application based on changes in my actual financials, after filing my current year tax return. This resulted in an adjustment in my Expected Family Contribution from $7,213 to $2,643. You further suggested that I write a letter to the Financial Aid Office at the University stating my particular circumstances surrounding the corrected FAFSA document. I submitted a letter, and this resulted in a very favorable award notification letter from the University – an award of $10,500, in free money, versus the original “LOAN” of just $3,500. Your services are well worth the investment for not only the cost savings I realized, but also the general peace of mind from knowing I went through the right procedures to secure this award. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who is planning on sending a child to college.”


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