“Well, you did it again this year! With your assistance in completing and filing those pesky FAFSA and CSS Profile forms, this year both of my daughters received very generous financial packages to help with their college costs. Neither my husband nor I had the patience or time to handle the forms, yet they are the key in finding the cash we needed to send our daughters to their colleges of their choice. My older daughter at a large state college in Missouri, received $7,550 in free money (scholarships and grants) and $ 5,500 in subsidized loans for a total of $13,050 in financial awards. My younger daughter [at a prestigious private university in the South] was awarded a hefty $21,725 in financial aid, which was a determining factor in her attending this school. That’s a total of $34,775 in financial awards for our daughters, including $24,350 that will likely be renewed each year. Again, thank you. Your advice and assistance is invaluable.”

– John P.

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