What we do

We help parents of college bound students find ways to plan and pay for college.

Simply, we take the stress (and most of the worry) out of  the college admissions process. We help you

  1. Navigate the bureaucracy — FAFSA, applications,
  2. Find out where the scholarship and financial aid money is
  3. Make smart  choices and maximize your financial planning strategy
  4. Get organized and stay focused

For students, we help you

  1. Get clear on your career and college choice
  2. Work through the application process
  3. Support you with the tools and references you need to maximize your test results.
  4. Help you get organized and meet deadlines

Who we work with

Our clients come from all walks of life and many different background.  We have helped hundreds of people successfully plan and navigate the college entrance experience.  Many people think they have too much money.. or not enough money.  That  simply has not been our experience.  We have helped people from every income level make changes that result in a positive financial impact in their bottom line  and get reduce the stress and worry of the process.

Find out how we can help you find ways to plan and pay for college

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