And the Award Goes to… Our Amazing Clients!

And the Award Goes to… Our Amazing Clients!

Further proof that when you take our advice and follow our system, you get fantastic results…

The College Money Guys is pleased to announce that our final scholarship numbers for our class of 2015 students have just been finalized.  We were able to help last year’s Seniors achieve My man oscarover $10,151,330.00 in free money for college!  That’s an average of over $150,000.00 PER STUDENT for 2015.  This is grant and scholarship money and does not include any loans (which only make college more expensive).

In addition, we are over the Five Million dollar mark for our class of 2016 Seniors and not even half of our 2016 class have reported yet.

Thanks to our students and their families for another record year!



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How To Prepare For Your College Freshman Coming Home For The Holidays

How To Prepare For Your College Freshman Coming Home For The Holidays

College, Financial Aid, Christmas Break, family stress

Home for the holidays can be stressful for parents of college students.

Beware of Hidden Landmines

Your college freshman is coming home for the holidays, now what? Having the time to reconnect and visit is very enticing. But this time is filled with lots of hidden landmines. Your child has been on their own with no curfews, no one to report to, enjoying total freedom. The dynamics have changed and whether we as parents want to admit it, so have our children. So, how do you navigate this new twist to your relationship?

Remember the Key Term – Respect

The key term to remember during this time is respect. Once your child has returned and settled in it is time to sit down and discuss the parameters of this new phase of your relationship. By discussing expectations at the beginning of the visit you can set the tone for a very enjoyable break. Keep in mind that the discussion is a two – way talk, your student will also have expectations and requests that need to be heard and honored.

Communication is Highly Important

Prior to the conversation it would be wise to let your child know that you’d like to talk about their time at home and what plans they have. In giving them an opportunity to think about their plans, the discussion will be more productive and they will not feel ambushed. The goal is to tackle this new territory together. Your parenting role has shifted now and getting used to this new role will require you to spend some time determining what you want this new part of the journey to look like. I really encourage you to put thought into this; purposeful parenting should always be your motto!

Don’t leave this visit to chance. Don’t wait until your expectations are not met to talk with your student. Chances are if you do you will be feeling disappointed and angry and this is not a good recipe for building a strong relationship. Together you and your child can determine a level of understanding that will allow both of you to enjoy the holidays and your time together!

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7 tips to Make the Most of your College Visits

7 tips to Make the Most of your College Visits

If you are even thinking about going to college in the next few years, visiting your potential colleges is one of the most important steps that you can take. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without going for a test drive, you would be amazed at what you can learn about a school in just a few hours. So, to help you get started, here are some tips to make the most of your visits:

1.  Start by visiting one type of each college you are considering.

For instance, if you are not sure whether you would like a smaller or larger college, visit a couple of schools that are close by that represent each type, like a large public school and then a smaller private school. At least now, you’ll have something to compare.

2.  Do your homework before you go, and narrow your choices by using a good school selection program.

You can find some good ones online or contact my office at the address below for our suggestions. Also, make sure that the schools you are considering actually have the major you are interested in. I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often people skip this step.

3.  Schedule your visit when school is in session.

I can’t stress this one enough, but it is very important to see not only what the campus looks like, but what the students and faculty are like as well. We want to make sure that you will feel like you ‘belong’ once you are there, so we want you to see the student body and not just a bunch of buildings.

4.  Make an appointment to take a tour.

Schools will have certain times of the day or week set aside to give new people tours. This is always a great place to start. However, don’t be afraid to go with your instincts. If you pull up to the school and realize you just don’t like it, there’s no point sticking around. Also, staying overnight in a dorm, if the school offers it, is a great way to get to really get the college experience.

5.  Ditch the tour guide.

Once you’ve learned some of the main features of the school, the best way to see the campus is by wandering around on your own for awhile. This will give you a chance to see what everything is really like. Be sure to sit in on a class or two, or at least poke your head in the door.

6.  Get a soda or coffee in one of the student lounges.

While you’re at it, get something to eat as well. You might as well find out now what the food is like now. Some schools are known for having 5 star cuisine, while others have food that is barely edible. You’re going to be there for four to five years, so this is an important step. We don’t want you to starve!

7.  Check out the library, computer lab, gym, and laundry.

Even though this isn’t directly related to what you’ll be studying and your major, you’ll be spending plenty of time at all of these areas, so be sure to take a look at them as well.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, hopefully it will give you a real good feel for what each campus is like. You will do much better at a school that you are happy at and enjoy attending, so don’t assume that all schools are the same and that this step isn’t necessary. Or, worse, don’t make the mistake of waiting until you hear if you’re in or not before arranging a visit. We want to make sure the schools that you apply to are schools that you actually want to attend. Most of all, be sure to have fun.


The College Money Guys are the nation’s leading expert on all things related to college and careers. For more information please call 281 822 6200.



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Signs of Success

Signs of Success

Becoming Successful

Successful people do things in a repeatable manner. You can watch, listen, and learn their habits, traits, and methodologies. Once you have observed their actions you can start to implement the same strategies. No one has a monopoly on success! According to Napoleon Hill, “truly successful people are those that have a definite purpose and a plan for attaining it”.


Purposeful Living

People who act with a purpose and a plan attract opportunity. How can life give you what you want if you don’t know what you need? Others can’t help you on the road to success if you are not crystal clear in your expectations and how you intend to proceed. Only with definiteness of purpose can you get over, under, and around any obstacle that gets in your way.

Offer Your Help To Others

If you will help enough people get what they want you will absolutely get what you need. Make it a habit to ask others how you can be of assistance. Take time to listen to their ideas and start to understand their business. Equipped with an appreciation of their business you are in a better position to offer help. Your help may come in a variety of forms. Perhaps you refer people to them, help to spread the word about their products or services, again by helping them get what they want you will get what you need.

Plan To Achieve

If you want to achieve success make the decision today to define your purpose and commit it to memory. Write down your goals and decide specifically how you plan to achieve them. Be sure to outline your plan with care. Follow through on the actions necessary for attaining what you desire. Pay attention to what others are doing. Determine how you can help them grow their business. Study successful people and emulate what they do. Start today to put your plan into action; you can determine your future!

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Students – Stay Focused!

Students – Stay Focused!

As you get started in this new academic year stop and take inventory of your scholastic behaviors. Are you equipped to deal with the demands of the upcoming year? Be prepared to deal with procrastination, organization, hectic schedules, studying demands, professors, and your social life. By taking a few minutes now to plan, you can decide to have a successful academic year. The results through targeting the pitfalls and preparing accordingly will amazed you.

Procrastination can raise its ugly head if you don’t get a handle on it from the beginning. Deciding now that you are going to tackle what comes your way in real time will allow you to avoid this time stealer. By staying organized you can enjoy a stress free year. Use a planner and remember professors are not like your high school teachers, you will be responsible for staying on top of assignment and test dates. Keep in mind that you will have very hectic weeks with papers and tests due at the same time; use your organizational skills to stay balanced and on top of your game. Don’t panic!

Find a comfortable place to study and include time daily in your schedule to keep up with your school work. By reviewing regularly you can keep on top of your work load. Balance your time between social activities and academic requirements. Get involved in campus activities, meet new people and have fun – but remember why you came to college. Get to know your professors. Take time to visit them during their office hours and introduce yourself. Remember they are there to help you and are vested in your success! Take advantage of the many academic resources available on campus. If you fall behind or are failing, hire a tutor. Don’t wait until it is too late; get help if you need it.

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53% of College Graduates Take 6 Years to Complete 4!

53% of College Graduates Take 6 Years to Complete 4!

According to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank, “Nationally, four year colleges graduated an average of 53% of entering students within six years, and rates below 50%, 40%, and even 30% are distressingly easy to find.” So what has happened? Are the incoming high school graduates not as smart as we were? Or are they leaving high school unprepared?  Research indicates that the majority of seniors are not prepared for college success.

What needs to happen to change these unsettling statistics? What can our high schools start doing differently today to have the greatest impact on these students? One place to start is with academic behaviors. In order to be successful, one must act successful. Actions of successful college students are very different than those of successful high school students and this is where the problem originates. High school students from across the country are spoon feed their academics, and high school counselors are preparing students to graduate high school and not how to be effective in college. In addition to this, the majority of incoming college freshman are taking remedial core courses when they enter college.

When students take ownership of their learning, the following behaviors need to be firmly established. Time management skills allow the student to successfully plan out their semester, month, week, and day. In college you need to keep up because it is almost impossible to catch up. Students need to realize that the professor’s job is to augment their learning; he or she will not be touching on every point made in the textbook, if they even discuss it at all. Unlike in high school, college classes require the student to be self taught. Assigned reading is mandatory and without that knowledge it is extremely difficult to pass a course.

A good note taking system is a necessity; simply outlining a chapter will not cut it in college. Students need to have a very clear understanding of the material and be able to move passed regurgitation to analysis. In college you need to have the ability to think, so if your senior is simply going through the motions, they are headed for disaster next year. Test taking strategies are another area that seems to be overlooked in the typical high school prep program.

There are 7 levels of knowledge and different tests require different levels of knowledge. For example, a multiple choice test requires a lower level of knowledge than a short answer test. But if you are not aware of the different study strategies for each distinct type of testing, your student will waste a lot of time doing the wrong things. Remember there are no hard questions, only questions you don’t know the answers to – adequate preparation is the key to eliminating test taking anxiety.

Adequate college preparation is the key to completing a four year degree in four years. When a student is equipped with the proper academic behaviors, knowledge, and support they can succeed. Spend time now ensuring your child’s time and your money are both not wasted because they attended college unprepared. High school and college are two separate entities that require totally different rules of engagement.

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