The College Financial Advisors (CFA) team had the opportunity to visit NASA on
Wednesday, May 11, 2011. Brannon Lloyd, President of CFA, led a workshop for NASA employees on “How To Pay For College Without Going Broke.”

NASA Engineers Get Crash Course In College Planning

Engineers were engaged from the beginning as they learned about the ins and outs of college planning. Brannon clarified many myths that surround the process, assuring the audience that getting your student into college will not require you to give up your retirement savings!

An often stressful and confusing subject, Brannon quickly eased their minds by sharing strategies on how even the wealthy can get financial aid. His expertise is applicable to any student bound for college regardless of age; in fact, the earlier parents get started, the better. In addition, Brannon allowed time to answer specific questions from the audience about their personal situation.

Astronaut Training for the College Financial Advisors

After the workshop, the team was unexpectedly given a NASA behind-the-scenes tour. Together they were able to see and experience actual shuttles used to train astronauts. Ron Lee of NASA generously gave his time and patiently explained the inner workings of the equipment and the astronaut training process. With cameras in hand, they entered into the world of space.
As they were headed back to their cars, Ron Lee had one more surprise in store for his guests.  After requesting just a moment more of their time, Ron returned with astronaut Christopher Cassidy, a member of the ISS Assembly Mission 2J/A, Endeavour (July 15-31, 2009). Chris is also scheduled to fly to the ISS aboard Soyuz 34 in late March 2013.

Thank you, NASA!

We know the subject of college planning can seem as confusing as rocket science, even to rocket scientists themselves. The College Financial Advisors delivered to the NASA employees timely information that will allow them to navigate the entire college process, making the transition smoother and less stressful – just their way of saying, “thanks NASA, for all you do for our country.”

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