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University of Pennsylvania College Interviewer Gives you the Inside Scoop that Every College Prospect Must Know for a Successful Interview!

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In this lively 45 minute audio interview University of Pennsylvania alumni interviewer and communications coach, Peggy Wallace, spills the beans on how to get the edge over your competition and ace your college interview.   We’ll take you on the other side of the desk and inside the mind of the college interviewer and find out what you really need to do to stand out and shine.

You’ll learn crucial facts and tips you need to prepare for a successful interview…

  • How important is the interview
  • Should you travel to the college for the interview or is a local interview just as good
  • What answers and behaviors are the interviewers looking for
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • Sample questions to ask that will impress your interviewer
  • The “Killer” questions interviewers like to ask and how to prepare for them
  • Common mistakes students make and how to avoid them
  • What NOT to wear
  • How to use thank you notes as a strategy to stand out from the crowd

.. and much more!

Don’t Let Lack of Preparation and Pressure Get to YOU…


Get the tools and strategies you need to “Ace the College Interview”


Buy the Audio Interview $47

The download link will immediately be delivered to your inbox.

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