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  Former Harvard Admissions Officer Spills His Guts on the Admissions Process!

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In this 1-hour audio interview we talk with Chuck Hayes former Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard and author of the best selling book “What It Really Takes to Get into the Ivy League.”  We’ll take you behind the closed doors of the college admissions offices and break the code on what really matters (and what doesn’t) to get admitted into college.

You’ll learn the truth about what colleges admissions officers are looking for…

  • Grades and AP/Honors courses – What’s your best strategy, higher grades or harder classes?
  • Extracurricular Activities – What kinds of activities are colleges looking for? Hint, it’s not what you think.
  • Recommendation Letters – What you can do to help your teachers write a letter that gets you noticed!
  • Early Decision – Should you or shouldn’t you?
  • Admissions Testing – Which tests are most important?  Should you take the SAT 2?  How should you approach the essay on the test for best results?
  • Student interviews – How to avoid some big mistakes that might keep you from getting in.

You’ll also get the answers to some big questions that are on  your mind

  • What is the main thing admissions officers are looking for from your senior year?
  • Does it make a student look bad to have an ‘undecided’ major?
  • How important is the undergraduate college for getting accepted into post graduate work?

Buy the Audio Interview $9.95

The download link will immediately be delivered to your inbox.

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