I wanted to show you A.’s final award from Princeton University, and to thank you for all your help and great advice. At your suggestion, I wrote to the Financial Aid office and told them that J. (my husband) and I are separating. In addition, A. earned $4,325 in scholarship from AAUW, our church and the Magee Scholarship. After disclosing those facts and amounts to Princeton, they sent us the attached award letter. Our monthly payment for sending our kid to Princeton is only $382.00. AWESOME! If you wish to share any of this information with your clients, please feel free to do so. Thanks again for all your help. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you in about 3 years for our son, J.

Trish B.

(Editor’s note: the award letter mentioned above included an annual grant from Princeton of $23,110 in free money, among other scholarships.)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us with all the financial information for college. I know we came to you at the last minute, just three days before the fall deadline. You were able to complete all the confusing information to submit that which was needed by the 15th. In the end, because of your efforts, in financial planning and taking care of our financial aid paperwork our daughter received a full scholarship to her college of choice. Without your help, we had been offered a scholarship for 1/3 of her college costs. We had been pleased with that, but then once we received the final offer, we were amazed. Our daughter’s qualifications, coupled with your tireless effort, saved us $120,000. Thank you again!

Susie A. and James F.

Well, you did it again this year! With your assistance in completing and filing those pesky FAFSA and CSS Profile forms, this year both of my daughters received very generous financial packages to help with their college costs. Neither my husband nor I had the patience or time to handle the forms, yet they are the key in finding the cash we needed to send our daughters to their colleges of their choice. My older daughter at a large state college in Missouri, received $7,550 in free money (scholarships and grants) and $ 5,500 in subsidized loans for a total of $13,050 in financial awards. My younger daughter [at a prestigious private university in the South] was awarded a hefty $21,725 in financial aid, which was a determining factor in her attending this school. That’s a total of $34,775 in financial awards for our daughters, including $24,350 that will likely be renewed each year. Again, thank you. Your advice and assistance is invaluable.

John P.

I just want to thank you for all of your wonderful help with my daughter L. As you know, I am a single mother of 4, just barely making ends meet. My first 3 children all went into the military because that was the only way they would be able to attend college, but I didn’t want L. to do have to do that. I had no idea how I was going to get the money for college, and that’s when I heard about you. You showed me everything I needed to do at each step of the way. Not only was L. able to attend college without having to enter goverment service, she was able to go to Occidental College in Los Angeles, a very fancy private school that costs over $33,000 per year. I never dreamed this would be possible! And not only that, with your help, we received over $26,954 each year in grants and scholarships! It’s costing me less to send her there than even a state school or junior college. Can you believe it? Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough. We really are grateful for all of your help.

Jesska W.

What can I say guys, my daughter is going to a $40,000 a year school for less than $18,000 and it’s only costing me $300 a month! I’ve told everyone who will listen!

Mark J.

I want to thank you for your efforts in helping me secure a great financial aid package for my daughter, who will be attending college in the fall at Texas Tech University. You recommended I re-submit my FAFSA application based on changes in my actual financials, after filing my current year tax return. This resulted in an adjustment in my Expected Family Contribution from $7,213 to $2,643. You further suggested that I write a letter to the Financial Aid Office at the University stating my particular circumstances surrounding the corrected FAFSA document. I submitted a letter, and this resulted in a very favorable award notification letter from the University – an award of $10,500, in free money, versus the original “LOAN” of just $3,500. Your services are well worth the investment for not only the cost savings I realized, but also the general peace of mind from knowing I went through the right procedures to secure this award. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who is planning on sending a child to college.


Your seminar was entertaining, you moved through a good deal of info, can’t imagine a better intro. I appreciated your seconding my thoughts that all these little $1000 scholarships here and there are not worth the effort. Thanks!!

Gayle N.
Magnolia, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that we got the official from Cornell’s financial aid (vs. just the ‘pre-read’), and the offer stayed exactly the same. YAY!!!!!

Thank you for all your expertise and assistance in getting us to this point. We are just thrilled!


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